About the artist

Nellis Eketorp (actually Kinga K. de Jongh) is a visual artist, designer, painter and photographer, educated in art, printing and DTP, currently living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For almost 15 years she's been involved in creating surreal, dark and mystic worlds using her Wacom Intuos, a bunch of textures and photo references. She also uses her experience in matte painting, working in popular softwares, both 2D and 3D. Her favourite style is a combination of all techniques she mastered, harnessed to create one single piece of art full of details. Her areas of expertise are book and music album covers, posters and high-quality fine art prints.

Her favourite themes are dark / macabre, post-apocalyptic and science fiction, that she creates listening to huge amounts of industrial, electro, black and death metal, dark ambient and electronic space ambient.

About the artworks

This portfolio contains only a small amount of artworks created by Nellis Eketorp in few main themes and is loaded just as a simple presentation of her job.

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